Best House selling tips

The real estate market is declining as supply outstrips demand but still a person can make a sale of a house faster by lowering the price. Besides lowering prices, there are many ways to enhance a home’s attractiveness like to sell house fast.

  1. 1.      Make it unique from others

You can consider custom designs such as landscaping or high-grade windows in order attract attention and to make your home more memorable. This will help add value to your home as well as improve the home’s aesthetics. It is important to know that even though this can spice up your home, you should not over improve it.

  1. 2.      Sweeten the deal

You can offer things or terms that might sweeten the pot as this will make the deal more attractive to the buyers. Buyers are looking for a deal in this down market hence you should do your best to make sure they will feel they are getting one. Some buyers are motivated by the option of closing the sale deal within a short time and this may attract them if you can close the sale within 30 to 60 days.

  1. 3.      Clean the clutter

Make sure you remove all the clutter in the house before you show it to potential buyers. This might force you to remove some furniture so as to make the room look bigger and also put away personal items like family photographs.

  1. 4.      Get your home ready

The idea is have the home in a move in condition and make the buyer feel that they will be able to move in immediately and enjoy their new home.

  1. 5.      Price it right

It is important to price your home appropriately regardless of how well you renovate and stage your home. Make sure that your listing price is in line with other comparable homes in the market.

  1. 6.      Light it up

Good lighting is the one that every buyer want in their home hence you should maximize the light in your home.

  1. 7.      Be ready to show

The house should be ready to be shown to the client at any given time because you can’t tell when the client will come in. It is important that you be available when the client wants to see the house. This might be inconvenient but it will help you sell your house.

  1. 8.      Work on first impression

It is important to make your client feel welcome, warm and safe as they visit the house because this will be the first impression and you never have a second chance to make another first impression.

  1. 9.      Kitchen comes first

When you remodel your kitchen, you will probably get 85% of your money come back. The most inexpensive and fastest kitchen updates includes new cabinet hardware and painting.

  1. 10.  Play the agent field

If you are hiring an agent, make sure he is totally informed. Though your agent will play an important role in marketing your property and showing it to buyers, you should be in control of all your negotiations.